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Upholding the tenet “taking science and technology as driving power”, Novpharm is devoted to the research and development of new products. Our products include intermediates of Dronedarone, Agomelatine, Perindopril, Febuxostat and Aliskiren, etc., all of which were developed independently by our own research group and have been brought into mass production.

Novpharm pays close attention to the recruitment of qualified professionals. It owns a group of chemical and pharmaceutical scientists and managers engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for decades of years. They strive to make innovations in new products research and development, technological reform, quality control and management, product sales and service, etc. The research group of the R&D center is made up of researchers and technicians having rich experience in chemical synthesis and technological reform for valuable APIs and intermediates, among which seven have master degree or above and the others having bachelor degree. The R&D center is fully equipped with advanced instruments. It can undertake task of R&D and technological reform of new products independently and provide contract R&D services to national and international customers. The company has committed long-term cooperation with many famous domestic universities, such as Nankai University, Tianjin University, Shandong University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and etc., focusing on the development of new products with good market prospect, which infused the company with new life and energy.